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Crema bruciata  servizi a domicilio

Personal Chef


Want to cook for someone special but don't know where to start?

Do you have to organize a dinner but don't have time or ideas? 

Would you like to be a protagonist and not a spectator? 

You would like to engage in co-creation of your r eventmaking it uniqueWhy tailored to your requests.

Or do you prefer to receive guests in the comfort of your home, enjoying the evening with friends without the stress of cooking?  

Contact us via the form, enter your details, write to me what you need:

whether it's a welcome cocktail, a birthday dinner, or a special event. 

I can only take care of the food...or provide you with an inclusive proposal

from the cellar and table service...


After your request I will contact you for an inspection.

Together we will decide on a menu in line with your tastes and those of your guests,

we will define the details.

Don't worry, I can take care of everything.


All this will take place in full compliance with the H.A.C.C.P. rules.

Technical imagination and creativity at the service of a sartorial event.


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