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Zenzero Restaurant

A pleasant and refined internal room, a space where good food and good wine blend with intimate laughter between friends


                                      Starting to fantasize

               …like a daydream.

    Not an obsession,

                 but a game like when I was a child...

                                         like when everything was possible and the only obstacle was imagination alone.  

Ginger:  plant,  leaf,   flower and root...         Both sweet and savory ingredient.

                 Fresh with a pungent flavour,


                                                           lemony notes of wood and earth with warm and spicy accents...

Calming, healing which in itself blends the words togetherGinger

    Zero as a new starting point...

one step after another, to learn to walk and the desire to go far.

                                                    Zen as the horizon of a journey towards essentiality,

                                                                                    towards the inland,

                                                                                                    to discover through food… 


                                                                                                                                           Fabrizio Peruzzi

Italian menu


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